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    1. Toggle


    That is locked down we can't accidentally move it or mess it up and let's go ahead and hide it too. So to hide and show things there's a little eyeball and the layers panel if you click on the eyeball it will toggle the visibility on and off. So if I turn them both off we see the transparent background. If I turn on the original it's there. But we want to hide that and let's go ahead and turn on the visibility for the man layer. Now what we're going to do is we're going to do all of our editing with the man layer and leave the original alone. And that's just you know something that I prefer because if I ever make a mistake or I get too many edits going on at one time and I can't back out and I need the top digital marketing companies in chennai original.

    2. PSC file


    a. I have it right here for me. So this is a good setup. Let's go ahead and say this out now so that we can always at least start back at this point. If say the computer crashes so I'm going to go up to the top I'm going to go to file and then I'm going to go down to save or you can hit control s or command s to save that out. And top digital marketing companies in chennai now just go ahead and overwrite the YouTube thumbnail dot PSC file that we've saved out now going forward I'm not gonna tell you every time that internet marketing company you check.


    b. I save but I recommend that you just do it especially if you make any really good edits or as you being in working for any amount of time learn that shortcut key control s for Windows or command s for Mac OS and just constantly be saving that document or some people like to save multiple versions. So as you do one set of edits you might call it YouTube thumbnail one and then you do your next set of edits and you call it YouTube thumbnail and you make kind of version histories if you need to go back and in the time and go to top digital marketing companies in chennai with a previous version but I'm going to be saving as we go throughout this editing process. I'm just not going to tell you every time that I do it but I do want to make sure that you get into the habit of saving often.


    3. Line and Balance

    a. you'll have to kind of play around with this and see the best numbers and see how it works best. Let's go ahead just start off with four and see what it looks like. So we did four and it smooth that a little bit. But it looks like that it kind of rounded this corner off which was good. Let's try it just a little higher number and see what we can get away with here. I'm gonna go to smooth and we'll try eight that's a much smoother line. But it looks like it's not bringing it as much in as I thought it would. I want to look at top digital marketing companies in chennai and some different areas I want to look around the hands and I want to look around see the camera here.


    b. Got a little weird on I have to reselect some of this selection. The hat actually looks pretty good right there. So we could see we could maybe bring this back in we could contract it back in. Or we could redo that suddenly just go ahead and undo a couple of times top digital marketing companies in chennai I'm going to undo the smooth and I'm going to undo the expand and I'm going to expand it just a little bit less. I don't want to expand it that much. So go back to select modify expand and set to pixels let's just do one pixel so it just brings it out a little bit and then goes to select modify smooth. We'll try the eight pixels and that looks pretty good if it picks up a little bit of the background that's OK because we're going to do some blending and some other tricks.


    c. That's not a big deal but we want kind of a smoother line. I need to fix this and this ain't going to be perfect but that's OK. So what that has done is it's just kind of made a nice little more curve smooth line for some of these little small spots on might hit them one time and just kind of fix him up a little bit if they're big. But if I can get away with it I'm not going to worry about it too much. Now keep in mind that you know as designers we like to come in here and tweak and tweak and tweak but most of the general population isn't going to notice that your lines are not perfectly smooth.


    d. They're just going to either see the top digital marketing companies in chennai thumbnail or not see the thumbnail and click on it or not click on it. Only another designer or creative person would really care about how perfect your lines are. So you want it to look good. But again don't stress too much over it because you don't want to spend too much time on these things that might not matter so much. But we do want to make it look pretty decent from the get-go. OK. So I think this is a good top digital marketing companies in chennai starting point. Right. You know like I said I probably spend a little more time cleaning this up but I want to get moving here so that I can get into the actual editing part for you. So we're gonna zoom out and we have our selection.